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What is a birth center? 

Exploring Birth Centers: A Comprehensive Overview


A Birth Center represents a specialized facility dedicated to the childbirth process, emphasizing care through a midwifery and wellness approach. Unlike hospitals, birth centers operate independently, offering a unique model of care.


These centers seamlessly integrate into the broader health care landscape, adhering to principles like prevention, compassion, safety, timely medical intervention, and cost efficiency. The cornerstone of a birth center is its commitment to midwifery practices and fostering natural childbirth and neonatal adaptation, setting it apart as the sole focus of its care model.


Central to a birth center's philosophy is the empowerment of women, supporting their right to informed health decisions concerning themselves and their infants, grounded in personal values and beliefs. It champions the involvement of the woman's family, as she identifies them, throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal stages.


Five Pillars of the Birth Center Experience:


  • People: Catering primarily to healthy women expecting a low-risk delivery, the staff comprises licensed professionals well-versed in midwifery's scope, alongside access to expert obstetric and pediatric consultancy.

  • Place: Designed to feel more like an enhanced home environment rather than a downscaled hospital, these centers adhere to strict safety and health regulations, equipped for routine and emergency care, positioned to ensure quick access to surgical interventions if necessary.

  • Program: A comprehensive suite of services includes prenatal care, continuous health assessments, family participation plans, education on self-care, round-the-clock access to care providers, labor and delivery support, and thorough postnatal and neonatal care, including essential screenings and follow-ups.

  • Practice of Midwifery: Positioned as primary care, midwifery underscores the natural progression of pregnancy and childbirth, advocating for disease prevention, health promotion, and patient education. It necessitates a collaborative network for laboratory, specialist, and acute care services, delineating primary from acute care as a fundamental tenet.

  • Part of the System: Birth centers maintain rigorous standards through documented policies, collaborate with community health entities for additional services, and establish protocols for seamless transfers to higher-level care facilities, ensuring a cohesive relationship with the broader health system.

Birth centers embody a holistic, family-centered approach to childbirth, distinguished by their unwavering commitment to natural, informed, and respectful care practices.

I've had a previous c-section. Am I able to give birth at Haven?

We appreciate your interest in exploring options for your prenatal care and birth experience. 


Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate care for women who have had a previous c-section. We understand this may be disappointing news. 


We would be happy to refer you to local hospitals or providers who specialize in VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and can fully support you through this journey. Please contact us if you would like any recommendations.

Do you offer water birth?

Yes, we do offer water births at Haven Women's Health and Birth Center.


Each of our luxurious birth suites is equipped with a large hydrotherapy tub, allowing you to experience the many benefits of laboring and giving birth in water.


Laboring in water can help increase your mobility, provide pain relief through the warmth and buoyancy, and create a calm, relaxing environment. Many mothers find that giving birth in water results in a more gentle birth experience.


Our midwives are highly experienced in attending water births and will support you throughout the process, ensuring a safe delivery for both you and your baby. We encourage you to discuss your desire for a water birth during your prenatal visits so we can provide guidance and create a birth plan tailored to your preferences.

 What criteria defines a low-risk pregnancy?

Here at Haven Birth Center we are able to provide safe pregnancy care for women who are considered low risk and have uncomplicated pregnancies. Our midwives continuously monitor you throughout your pregnancy and labor, to determine if it is appropriate to have a birth at our free-standing birth center. 


What is Low Risk?

The following are some medical reasons which would prevent patients from birthing at our center.

  • Prior Cesarean Section

  • Twins or Multiples

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Breech presentation at delivery

  • Placenta previa

  • Bleeding or clotting disorders

  • Liver, Lung, Kidney or Heart disease

  • Insulin dependent diabetes and/or Gestational diabetes requiring medication

  • Previous Rh sensitization

  • Hyperthyroidism requiring medication

  • Severe current untreated psychiatric illness

  • BMI (body mass index) over 40

  • Labor before 36 weeks gestation or greater than 42 weeks gestation

  • Unmanaged seizure disorders or prior seizure in labor

  • ACTIVE sexually transmitted infections or blood-borne illness

  • Significant drug and/or alcohol addiction or abuse 

  • Fetal Growth Restriction 

  • Some abnormalities found on fetal ultrasound 


If any of the above apply to you, we will happily refer you to another caring provider group.

Do you accept insurance? 

Insurance policies can vary greatly, so we recommend calling our office at 919-322-0284. 


We can review your specific insurance plan and provide a detailed breakdown of your coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs. This personalized approach allows us to ensure transparency and help you make an informed decision about your birthing experience at our center.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care while minimizing any financial concerns. To learn more about insurance and pricing, or to schedule a tour of our beautiful birthing suites, please call us at 919-322-0284.


We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you embark on this incredible journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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Join us for one of our weekly Birth Center Tours and get all your questions answered.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am or 1pm, you’ll:

  • Tour our beautiful and luxurious birth suites

  • Learn about our holistic, personalized model of care

  • Meet our warm and experienced midwife team

  • Get the inside scoop on birthing at our center


Don’t go through this journey alone! Bring your partner, family or friends - the more the merrier.


Give us a call at 919-322-0284 to reserve your spot!


We can’t wait to welcome you and be part of your birthing journey. 

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